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WetaH combines SideFX’s award-winning Houdini platform, an industry-standard within VFX, with Weta Digital’s new cloud-based software service and VFX tools, renowned for driving Weta’s iconic work in films like Avengers: Endgame, Alita: Battle Angel and War for the Planet of the Apes.

WetaH offers the benefits of Weta Digital’s years-long R&D commitment to Houdini to anyone, anywhere. Architected and stress-tested by artists working with the industry’s most visionary directors and storytellers, WetaH will unlock the untapped potential of Houdini and the Houdini Engine across many facets of the pipeline through a monthly cloud-based subscription.

Weta Digital’s software service will launch WetaH and WetaM via private beta in Q4 2021 and will help to democratise VFX through ground-breaking partnerships that provide unprecedented access to the industry’s cutting-edge technology.

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Weta Digital

Weta Digital is a world leader in creativity and innovation in visual effects and animation, attracting talent, partners, and clients that seek to push what is possible in pursuit of their artistic vision.

Weta Digital’s proprietary pipeline provides artists with tools they need to create their best work. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Weta Digital is the largest single-site VFX studio in the world drawing artists from over 40 countries. They are some of the most creative and ambitious artists, engineers, and executives in entertainment and their work has earned six visual effects Academy Awards, thirteen Academy Sci-Tech Awards and six visual effects BAFTA Awards, in addition to the 34 Visual Effects Society Awards awarded to them by their peers.